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Intervju med Joanna Lohman som lämnar Bälinge

10 JUN 2008 18:39
Här följer en intervju med Joanna Lohman som numer inte spelar för Bälinge, på grund av den ryggskada hon har, hon berättar dock vad hennes nästa livsprojekt kommer att bli, så fortsätt att läsa denna intervju och kanske kan även du som läser hoppa på detta projekt på ett eller annat sätt. Tyvärr är den på engelska men jag hoppas ni har överseende med det.
  • Skapad: 10 JUN 2008 18:39

Joanna Lohman, it says that you’ve done your last game for Bälinge, at least for this time, is that correct?

I have played my last game for Bälinge this season.  I have come to the conclusion that my back injury is not improving enough to be able to play at full strength in the league.  I owe it to myself and Bälinge to be honest and healthy.  It was a very hard decision but one that I feel is correct for the time being.


Is it your back that is the problem?

Yes, it is my back that is the problem.  My disk herniation is still quite painful and effects the way I perform on the field.


Do you think you’ll be healthy from your back problems or will it be there for the rest of your life?

Herniated disks never go back into place.  The first time I herniated my disk in 2006, I had surgery to remove 30% of the L5 disk.  Since I reherniated the same one, and it is not severe enough for surgery, I will have to manage the injury for the rest of my life.


Do you agree to break up with Bälinge or is it hard feelings between you and Bälinge?

There are no hard feelings between myself and the club.  This was a mutual decision that was agreed upon.  Bälinge has been extremely understanding throughout my injury and that has helped greatly.


How do you think Team Bälinge will survive without you?

Since I was never at full strength and struggled injury wise all season, I think Bälinge will be just fine without me.  They have prepared to play without me in the line up and have done so already in the early part of the season.


Do they manage to stay in the Swedish first league?

Bälinge is a great club and with a few key wins in the next coming months, they will absolutely stay in the premiere league.  I believe in the players and coaches to pull through this hard challenge.

What do you think about the time that you’ve been in Sweden and Uppsala?

I am absolutely in love with the city of Uppsala and this truly has been the best experience of my life.  The people here are amazing, the town in beautiful, and I could really see myself wanting to live here.


Will you stay in Sweden or do you go back home to US?

I will stay in Sweden and support the team in whatever capacity I can.  I like it too much here to go home to the States.  Also, Natalie and I run our non-profit GreenLaces here, so I would want to stay spread our movement and advance our cause.


What will you bring with you as a good memory from this time?

I already have so many fond memories from my time here in Sweden and plan on creating many many more. I will never forget my teammates and the beauty of Uppsala.  The flowers, the castle, the cathedral, the coffee shops, and the parks have forever shaped my life.


What will you do now when you’re not gonna play any soccer in Team Bälinge?

Since I am no longer playing soccer for Bälinge, I plan on working on our non-profit GreenLaces, travelling, and experience Sweden and all its glory.


Does it feel strange now when you don’t have practices and games everyday? What will you do with all your spare time?

It will be strange not having to attend practices, games, and watching from the stands instead of being on the field playing.  It will give me the opportunity, however, to get healthy and also work on GreenLaces.  I feel very strongly about the GreenLaces cause and want to involve it much more into the local Uppsala community.  I will work to spread our movement locally, nationally, and internationally. 


A small bird whispered in my ear that you and Natalie have started a new foundation, Green Laces. Can you explain for us what that is.

GreenLaces unifies environmentally conscious individuals and leverages athletics to create positive changes for our planet.  To accomplish this objective, GreenLaces does three things: First, it has sparked a worldwide movement that unites environmentally conscious individuals through green (both in colour and concept) shoelaces. The shoelaces symbolize one's status as an ambassador of positive change and each GreenLaces owner makes a personal promise to reduce their environmental impact, which is reinforced each time they lace-up.  Second, GreenLaces tackles serious environmental issues such as climate change by developing educational curricula and integrating them into youth athletics. The environmentally-focused curricula capitalize on skills developed through athletics; such as, goal setting, dedication and teamwork. Finally, as the movement grows, so does its influence. GreenLaces leverages this influence to provide services, funds and encouragement to make athletic events and organizations more environmentally sustainable.


Is this something you will be working a lot with or is it other people now since you’ve started it?

Right now the organization is still really small and run mainly by Natalie and myself with the support of some friends back in the U.S. I will be working on GreenLaces a lot here in Uppsala.  As I said above, I want to get the local community here in Uppsala involved.  I will be selling the laces at our home games, at local coffee shops, and through direct marketing.  Sweden is very environmentally friendly so we feel that our movement will be received well and welcomed from the athletes and individuals in town.  We want to make a difference here in Uppsala and as a whole, on our planet.  Already, we have started composting and recycling programs for Bälinge.  We will save over 100kgs of compostable and 1500 plastic items from going to the trash.  There are also at least 12 players on the team that play with GreenLaces in their cleats.  Natalie and I have taken a trip to Vattenfall and are setting up a fieldtrip for the entire team to go as well.  Our next fieldtrip is going to be to the recycling center.  We want to learn as much as we can while we are here.


I know that this project is worldwide, but do you think it will be even better known in a couple of years from now.

We feel that our movement will grow in strength in the next few years.  GreenLaces has goals of reaching 1000 Olympic athletes and 1 million global citizens by 2009.  GreenLaces already has over 30 Olympic Athletes laced-up (http://www.greenlaces.com/?p=95) and we are working around the clock to get more on board.  The Olympics will give GreenLaces the opportunity to be exposed to a world wide audience.  Athletes are role models and community leaders and with their help, GreenLaces will spark a world-wide movement that will truly make a difference on the planet.


Regardless of its growth, Natalie and I feel that any positive changes that come out of this are a success.


Me and Bälinge wishes all luck to you both in your soccer carrier and the project Green Laces.

Skribent: Thomas Wallberg

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